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Living Options for Seniors

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

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Living Options for Seniors: How to Find Your Perfect Place Many seniors find themselves thinking about their living situation at some point. While some want to stay in their own homes for as long as possible, others have significant health issues that require assistance through a nursing home or care facility. Your savings, health insurance, and home’s potential safety issues play a role in what you select, so it’s essential that you take a look at all the details. Does your current home meet your needs?

Will it meet your future needs as far as your mobility and safety are concerned? If not, some modifications will need to be made, or you may decide to downsize and move into a smaller home.

No matter where you decide to stay, you’ll need to figure out a budget.

Many seniors are on a fixed income, especially after retirement, and while some home modifications are covered by special grants and financial assistance, others aren’t. Assisted living and nursing facilities that offer long-term care can be pricey, and most insurance policies don’t cover stays past a certain number of days.

Read on for tips on what to think about when you’re ready to figure out your living situation.

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Plan for Long-Term Care First things first:

If you aren’t able to take on activities of daily living such as bathing, preparing meals, and administering medication, senior-friendly home modifications aren’t going to be enough. In this case, you’ll need to hire an in-home caregiver or consider moving to an assisted living facility or living with a relative.

Assisted living facilities are ideal for seniors who want to remain independent and social but need assistance with daily activities. However, if you need specialized medical care and day-and-night supervision, then a nursing home will be a better fit. Whichever option works for you, you and your family should meticulously research the ratings and costs of facilities in your area. For example, if you’re looking for a nursing home, Senior Care offers comprehensive information and reviews on 19 Atlanta-area facilities.

Remodel Making some changes to your home can be a major undertaking if there are big modifications that need to be made. However, if you want to stay where you are, it’s an important part of making things safe for yourself. The kitchen and bathroom are two areas where accidents tend to happen, so taking steps to

Here's a list of the resources that I'd like you to include:

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19 Atlanta-area facilities walk-in shower $17 and up Downsizing one-story home Best,

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