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How To Turn Your Home Into A Fanrastic Vacation Rental

Vacation rentals have soared in popularity in recent years due to their affordability, and because they offer multiple benefits over hotels and other accommodations. This has prompted many homeowners to make changes to their property in order to rent it out to guests, especially those who own a home in an area that has plenty to offer. There’s a lot more to turning your home into a vacation rental than simply cleaning it up and listing it on a website, however; there are many things to consider when you’re ready to take the leap to own a rental property.

Making sure your home is inviting and comfortable is, of course, a major factor. Without the comfort level, a guest is unlikely to rent again or recommend your rental to a friend, and that can hurt your ability to generate income throughout the year. Of course, your budget will need to be taken into consideration as well, so planning out what you want to add to your home is essential. It’s possible to create a warm, comfy home with plenty of charm without breaking the bank; here’s how.

Clean it up

When you live in a home for a while, you can start to overlook little things that a guest would spot immediately. Even if you clean every day, there may still be areas that could use a little work, so consider hiring a local cleaning service that can come in and whip your place into shape. Keep in mind that if you’re looking to get a deep clean for your home, a house cleaner is your best bet. Next, make sure the outdoor areas are looking their best. You can visit sites like Angi to find well-reviewed local landscape companies; you can use the site to find deals as well. Hiring professionals is one of the easiest ways to guarantee good reviews from your guests, which can in turn boost your rankings and help you earn more renters.

Give it an upgrade

Upgrading your home--even in a small way--can have a major impact on your guests’ ability to enjoy themselves, so it’s important to consider all your options. You don’t have to spend a ton of money if you’re careful about your choice, so think about what makes the most sense for the house itself and the area it’s in. Most renters are looking for plenty of sleeping spaces and updated amenities, like fast Wi-Fi, a hot tub, and a new gas grill. Essentially, they want all the comforts of home in a nice, clean package. If you decide to go with a larger change--such as putting in a pool or renovating the bathroom--make sure you’ll be able to get a return on your investment by calculating the amount of rent you can charge.

Keep it secure

There are many options for home safety these days, and there are choices for every budget. Having a secure vacation rental is important to guests, and it could mean the difference between a glowing review and one that leaves potential renters feeling cold. Consider adding outdoor surveillance cameras, which will benefit you as well as renters, as you’ll be able to keep an eye on things via your smartphone when the house isn’t occupied. Also, install a keyless lock system that will prevent lost or duplicated keys from becoming an issue.

Market your home and protect your investment

Marketing your home is important if you want to guarantee rentals throughout the year, so learn the best channels for promotion. Social media can be helpful, but you’ll want to create an easy-to-use website as well, which will show detailed professional photos of the home. Look online for vacation rental sites that will feature your home, and make sure your information is prominently displayed.

If you’re starting a vacation rental business, consider registering as a Georgia LLC. Registering as a limited liability company will protect your assets in case legal action is ever taken against you. Turning your home into a vacation rental can take a little time and energy, but if you’re careful, you can count on your rentals to bring in income. If possible, talk to someone who has already done the same with their property, so they can give you guidance as you go through the process.

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