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Sewer Lateral Scope Video Inspection

Why Your Home Should Have Video Sewer Scope Inspection?

A sewer lateral scope is a crucial inspection, especially for homes over 20 years, new construction, tree-rich properties, rodent or insect problems, mold, moving or shifting ground around the home when you see patches of lush, green grass, and those with septic tank connections. It reveals potential issues in the sewer line, preventing costly surprises in real estate transactions.

What Is A Sewer Scope?

A sewer scope is a home service that provides a detailed report of the current condition of a property's sewer line. A small camera is used to observe the inside of the sewer line to identify any defects and damages. The findings are reported to you so you can make a sound and informed decision about the property.

Bellied Section-1.png
Root growth-1.png

Why Get A Sewer
Scope Inspection?

Sewer lines are extremely costly to replace and or repair, so the sooner you get the report of the condition of the line, the sooner you can request that it be repaired. During real estate transactions, a damaged sewer line can be requested to be fixed during the inspection objection portion. The seller may decide to repair or replace the sewer line in order to complete the sale.

When should I Get A Sewer Scope?

Damaged crushed Pipe-1.png

Sewer scopes are typically scheduled during a real estate transaction once you're under contract. This gives you a chance to negotiate better the damages discovered during the inspection.   You can also schedule a sewer scope any other time to check on the condition of your sewer line. This service is not exclusive to real estate transactions so don't be afraid to reach out if you have any concerns.

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Cost To Repair or Replace

$300     $3000     $15000




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